«My name is Ari Jogiel and I am the founder of ARI JOGIEL, an apparel Development & Manufacturing company located in Downtown Los Angeles. We specialize in bringing concepts to life.

At ARI JOGIEL, our day-to-day consists of helping brands pursue their dreams by working with them on their product development and manufacturing processes. Today we work with over 100 brands from across the States, with all of our garments Made In Freaking Los Angeles»



Absolutely unexpectedly for myself, I became a member of the social project “Vanguard — Guard to Guard Masks”. Its author Ari Gogiel is the founder of the clothing brand Ari Gogiel and Leopardët. His factory is located in the legendary Los Angeles. I made a poster for his project which is dedicated to a charity event and the fight against Covid-19. I rarely say it by ear, much less write it, but I’m proud of myself because I found out that my work adorns one of the Forbes articles.

Click to this link and scroll to at down that view Forbes article