Before making an offer to the artist, I study his biography. I’m trying to separate gossip from a real person. I listen to his music and try to understand how a person thinks.

I believe that, despite statuses and achievements, we will always remain people. Perhaps different, but good people.

During the design of the cover, I listen to the artist’s music. For me, this is a sacred process. Like the sacrament.

To be honest, I’ll say that I’m very proud of what I do and with whom I work. Perhaps someone believes that famous artists are evil and greedy. I will say no. They are a little strange, but kind and decent people. They are who they are. It is important for the artist to be who he is. Most often, a person who looks at his idol is not as honest with himself as the artist himself.

While working, I noticed that a “beautiful picture” and a design can have different contexts. And in order not to be mistaken, I adhere to only one rule — I determine what the design will be.