Architectural bureau ARCHSLON (Moscov) solves a wide range of creative tasks from the architectural design of urban areas, residential and public buildings and interior spaces to the creation of original interior items.

The architecture seems to us a spiritual state, allowing to express the intangible philosophy in the material space. This is where the maximum value manifests itself when the created object begins to interact with the person at the level of deep-seated concepts, the static object conducts a dialogue and programs behavior, mood, sensations, emotions.

The work of our creative team is built on the principles of innovative ideas of modern design, an integrated analytical approach to the object, the creation of an original complete image, endowed with its own philosophy.

We work with space and emotions, creating bright, memorable images. Any object is a single organism, where the form and appearance are inextricably linked with the look and architecture of the interior. Only when they are perceived as a whole, they create a natural complete image. Our creativity is marked by such awards as “Golden Section”, “Perspective”, “Architecture”, “Golden Capital”, etc.